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Lead Generation

Media Tactics Ltd offers effective and personalized lead generation services, helping companies increase their customer base and maximize revenue.

Customer Care

Always available technical support team.

Expert Services

Experienced, knowledgeable marketing professionals.

Save Money

Affordable, high-quality lead generation.

Get to Know Us

"Book a free consultation with Media Tactics Ltd to explore collaboration opportunities and achieve effective marketing outcomes for your company."

Web Leads

Online web enquiry leads offer a scalable and cost-effective solution, providing high volumes of quality leads to drive business growth. This method also makes automating your business process simple.

Tele Survey Leads

Tele-survey leads provide pre-qualified answers to relevant questions, helping companies ensure that prospects meet criteria for their offers, resulting in a better-targeted approach.

Appointment Setting

Appointment setting services can help companies streamline the sales process, save time and resources, and increase the chances of closing deals with qualified scheduled prospects.

Packaged Cases

Receiving packaged cases saves companies time and resources by providing pre-collected documents and signatures, enabling faster and smoother delivery of services or products to customers.

Hotkey Leads

Hotkey leads provides immediate contact with potential customers, allowing companies to increase their chances of converting leads into paying customers quickly and efficiently.

Opted In Data

Opted-in data filtered by demographics allows for targeted campaigns, resulting in higher engagement, conversions and ROI, while minimizing wastage of resources.

Thomas. J, Claims Management

"We work with Media Tactics in a number of area's including feeding our center with pre qualified tele-survey leads right up to fully packaged cases, I'd highly recommend!"

Easy To Work With

"We offer flexible payment terms, custom criteria and a fair replacements policy to ensure customer satisfaction."

Set Criterias

Leads set to your specific requirements.

Replacement Policies

Only pay for the leads that qualify.

Flexible Terms

No contracts, simply pay as you go.

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