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When you send your leads to Media Tactics, you can be assured that our lead distribution software will place your leads with the highest possible return for your efforts.

Our system is designed to match your leads with the right buyers in real-time, ensuring that they are sold at the best possible price.


This means you can get the highest possible return on the leads you produce, and in turn, grow your business faster. In addition, our platform provides you with complete transparency and real-time analytics, allowing you to monitor your lead performance and make data-driven decisions to optimize your lead generation efforts.


So if you're looking to maximize your ROI on lead generation, look no further than Media Tactics.

At Media Tactics, we have a comprehensive lead intake system that can process leads from a wide range of channels. Whether you generate leads through online web inquiries such as pay-per-click, Google Ads, social media, or other channels, or packaged cases / hotkey leads from call centers, we have you covered.


Our platform is designed to handle a large volume of leads and can seamlessly integrate with your existing CRM systems to ensure a smooth and efficient transfer of leads into us.


We also have a team of experienced professionals who can provide you with guidance and support, once your leads have been sent into our system, our state of the art software and lead distribution tech places your leads within milliseconds, verifying the lead instantly & and then it becomes payable to you the lead provider. 


Having been involved with some of the biggest lead buying companies in the world for several years we assure our lead introducers will receive the highest possible payouts and instant payments for the leads they deliver.


We do not have limitations or caps on the number of leads we can take giving our lead introducers unlimited earning potentials when supplying leads to us.


So if you're looking for a reliable and comprehensive lead distribution solution, look no further than Media Tactics.

Introducer Benefits

Enjoy fast payouts for the leads you generate, uncapped capacity to receive leads, which means you can generate as many leads as you want and we'll be able to process and place leads efficiently.

Fast Payouts 

Once your lead is validated and accepted, it becomes instantly payable.

Transparent System

Real-time analytics and insights, monitor your lead performance & commisions.

Highest Payouts

Our lead introducers receive the highest payouts possible through our system.

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The Story so far

It had been several years since Media Tactics had started working in the lead generation industry. Over the years, the team had gained a deep understanding of both the lead suppliers and lead buyers. They knew what each side was looking for, and what each side needed to succeed.

As they continued to work with various lead producers and companies looking to purchase leads, Media Tactics realized that there was a huge gap in the industry. While there were many lead suppliers out there, it was often difficult for companies to find the right ones. And for lead producers, it was tough to find reliable buyers who would purchase their leads at a fair price.

That’s when the team at Media Tactics had an idea.


They decided to set up a one-stop-shop solution for lead producers and companies looking to purchase leads. The idea was simple - they would create a platform where lead producers could list their leads for sale, and companies could browse through the listings and purchase the ones that fit their needs.

It took some time to set up the platform, but once it was ready, Media Tactics began reaching out to lead producers and companies looking to purchase leads. It didn’t take long for the platform to gain traction, as more and more people began to realize how useful it was.

Lead producers were thrilled that they could list their leads in one central location and have access to a large pool of potential buyers. And companies were excited that they could easily find leads that fit their specific requirements without having to search through dozens of different suppliers.

As the platform grew, Media Tactics continued to improve it, adding new features and functionality to make it even more useful for both lead producers and companies. They also began to offer additional services, such as lead verification and lead scoring, to help ensure that the leads being sold on the platform were of the highest quality.

Today, Media Tactics’ one-stop-shop solution for lead producers and companies looking to purchase leads is a huge success. It has helped countless businesses find the leads they need to grow and succeed, and has made it easier than ever for lead producers to sell their leads and build their businesses. It’s a win-win solution that has changed the lead generation industry for the better.

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“Sending leads into Media Tactics Has been the best business decision we have made, they are able to place all of our leads instantly and get us much higher payouts than previously achieved, as lead producers we can now focus on generating leads & running the marketing.”

Jamie. D - Online lead gen expert PPC, SEO, Social Media.

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