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Our Story

Prospex has over two decades of experience in providing lead generation solutions and marketing services to companies across the globe for various sectors, including claims management, financial services, real estate, home improvements, investments and many others, There is no secret to good lead generation it all comes down to expereince and having the right tactics in place.

Our Vision

Our vision has always been to help companies find a reliable and cost effective solution to drive new prospects into their services, making sure that consumers are being guided to a service that matches their specific requirements & is beneficial for them and giving companies every opportunity to assist in providing a solution to the customers seeking the services on offer.


Like everything, the lead generation and marketing world has evolved and continues to evolve on a daily basis we use state of the art technologies and strategies to create a great customer journey, using easy to use landing pages and smart technology to help consumers complete enquiries that are accurate and provide a fully transparent detailed breakdown of the services being offered.


How it works


Using modern day technologies and various platforms we engage with customers that meet criteria’s and demographics that are relevant to your services, using high quality, easy to understand ads that explain the services and inviting potential customers to learn more about the services on offer & fill out an enquiry form to be contacted by your business.


We integrate with all the leading lead management software’s / systems & can also integrate with custom coding, API, real time emails, dialer solutions, XML, API and various other methods. Track all the leads we deliver in real time, set custom criteria’s, and filter the amount of leads your business wants to receive, all at the click of a button.

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